God is a Creator

Zac stands at his anvil in his shop located in Calhoun, Louisiana.

http://locus-studio.com/?privet=speed-dating-madrid-jovenes&329=2f In the beginning, God created. I’ve always loved that verse. There is so much to unpack from just those first few words. We have many attributes as image bearers of God. We have the ability to love, to think, and to reason. We have deep emotions; we are capable of empathy.

right here I am no stranger to emotion. I tend to be an artsy kind of guy. I am consistently moved, sometimes to tears, merely from a song or a beautiful sunset. Being made in the image of God, I possess the ability to appreciate beauty. No other creature can appreciate beauty like a human.

http://tzv-gredelj.hr/marionetka/4552 My favorite characteristic of being made in the image of God is the ability to create. That one ability alone sets us apart from all other creatures. Whether building a house or drawing a doodle in dust, we all have the gift of creation. Just look at the phone in your pocket (or more likely in your hand) and tell me what other creature could even dream up something like that. Humans are definitely unique.

rencontres du vietnam However, we have been called to something greater than just consuming! We’re not like animals, living our lives in search for our next meal. We are in search for a better way to make a meal. It’s not enough just to eat. We want our meals to taste great, so we come up with creative ways to cook.

you could try this out Genesis 1:28 is known as the cultural mandate. It’s God’s call to us, as His image bearers, to make and create with what He has given us. We were designed to design, made to make, and created to create!

I have been a metal worker for as long as I can remember. I dove into the realm of blacksmithing about five years ago. There is something very special about taking the elements God has provided and creating a work of art with it. The primary job of a smith has always been to make tools. It’s the joy of the smith to take raw materials and craft useful tools for other creators to use.

There’s an old saying, “By hammer and hand do all things stand.” It rings true. All societies that have ever been built were done so because a blacksmith at some point made the tools necessary to do it. I love to create with steel. I also love to create with food, so naturally I have combined the two desires. I make a lot of different tools, but I love to make instruments for the kitchen the most.

Zac hammers in the veins of what will soon become an iron leaf.

I’ve made various hunting and cooking knives, bottle openers, spoons, spatulas, you name it. If it’s for the kitchen, I’m interested in making it with steel. I love that feeling of being done with a piece, taking a step back, and admiring it.

The Bible says God did the same thing. webs de citas gratis espaГ±a Genesis 1:31 says “And God saw everything he had made, and behold, it was very good.” I can just see God stepping back and observing His creation and shouting with joy. I have that same feeling a lot. It’s a very spiritual experience.

Humans are indeed separate from all other creatures. Not only do we have the ability to create, but we have the capacity to restore. Restoration is a form of creation. As a blacksmith, I am constantly on the lookout for old steel. I always have my eyes open for the stuff people throw away. There are a lot of beautiful and useful tools that can be made from junk. Old truck springs are great for making knives. Old car axles can be made into hammers. Junk copper can be turned into brilliant jewelry. Most of the pieces of functional art I make are created with things people throw away or discard as useless.

Our Creator does the same thing. He is an unmatched craftsman. He takes the junk the world throws away and makes new creations! He takes trash and makes useful and beautiful works of art.

He has done the same with me. He took me when I was worn out, broken, and tossed aside; and He restored me. This process is not always easy or pleasant. To make anything from steel, I have to heat it to a very high temperature and strike it over and over until it finally takes the shape I want it to be. God does the same with us. He shapes us and molds us. The process can hurt, but it’s always worth it because our Creator is a master craftsman. All He asks from us is that we trust Him. He wants you to allow him to mold you and shape you.

Allow the Creator of creation to take the broken you, the one who the world has thrown away, to be made new! company website 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” Praise God for new creations!

Follow Zac and his craft on his http://tzv-gredelj.hr/marionetka/5916 YouTube Channel and his 5e rencontre des métiers de la santé à strasbourg Instagram!

Zac Stephens

Zac is the owner/operator of Cottonport Tool and Design. He is passionate about craftsmanship and design. For more information please visit the about page!

Zac Stephens
Zac Stephens

Zac is the owner/operator of Cottonport Tool and Design. He is passionate about craftsmanship and design. For more information please visit the about page!

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