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opcja binarna co to jest     Leadership is not for the feint hearted. Throughout human history, great leaders have come and gone. Some came in the form of great presidents, some great military commanders others biblical fathers like Abraham. All great leaders have a few things in common. Firstly, a great leader is a humble servant. We saw this in the most excellent leader of men, Jesus, when he said: “The greatest shall be the least.” (Matthew 20:16) Humility is the cornerstone of a leader. A great leader must have the capacity to take a punch even from the fist of his own team. He must be willing to suffer for the good of his family. It’s never fun calling out sin and exposing the darkness to light. It can be gut wrenching to stand up for what’s right when staying quiet is much easier. It’s hard to continue to press on into battle when the fight is long. But great leaders are fighters. They have vision. They can see the future and know that the path to glory is paved with blood. There is no reward as the one gained by blood, sweat, and tears. A great leader knows this, and he presses on.

Zac and Copeland playing a round of checkers.
Zac and Copeland playing a round of checkers while Maverick climbs on daddy’s back.

un amour de femme streaming vf     The Christian man is at an advantage. He is privy to vital information that instructs him in the ways of great leadership. The word of God is an anchor in an ocean of misconceptions and fruitless world-views. The bible tells him that his purpose is not to seek his own glory but the Glory of God! A man’s mission is to lead his family in the worship of God. This call to leadership has vast implications. It means standing up when no one else will. It means fighting even when the desire is no longer there. It means understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his family. It means getting up and serving before he is served. If a man wants to reach his full potential as a leader, he must first become a follower of Christ. Becoming a follower of Christ means, he must first submit himself to Christ then to his family. Christian leadership is a self-sacrificing position. Again, this kind of leadership is not for the feint of heart.

sites rencontres femmes veuves     Never underestimate the power of vulnerability. Open communication in a family unit is essential. A man cannot expect his family to open up to him if he is not vulnerable first. All over the world and especially in western cultures men are infused with the fear of intimacy. They tend to think if they show any weakness or deficiency they will be counted less than and be pushed to the side, cast off as one who couldn’t measure up. Real strength is shown in a man’s willingness to be vulnerable with those whom he is close. All men fall short. Paul tells us this in his letter to the Romans. “For all have fallen short of the glory of God.” Men and women both have fallen short. None can measure up to the Glory of God. For a man to become a great leader he must be willing to face his fear of intimacy and be open and honest about who he really is, a fallen man in need of a savior. We all need a savior.

Copeland wearing my welding hood
Leadership starts young! Copeland is a good shop hand.

site rencontre zurich   A man doesn’t become a great spiritual leader own his own. He must take wise counsel from those whom he is being disciplined. He must also seek the council of his wife. God made woman in His image just as he did man. As humans men and women are equal. In the same way, a Ferrari and a Hummer are both motor vehicles. They both are excellent at what they are designed to do. However, you wouldn’t take a Ferrari through the mud, and you wouldn’t ask anyone to race you in your Hummer. These two cars are equal, but just like men and women they have different roles.

rencontre coquine pays de la loire    For a man to successfully lead his family, he must also be in constant prayer with God. Any man trying to lead his family without prayer will be playing with the deck stacked against him. No man can go through the trials of leadership without being in constant contact with God. He must seek the will of God first, then the needs of his family, then the needs of his community. On a great leader’s list of priorities, the word ME is hard to find. All great spiritual leaders spend a significant amount of time in prayer. Great Christian leaders keep track of what they have prayed for and how God has answered each one. A great spiritual leader’s primary concern is the will of God. He will seek it at all costs. The only way to know the will of the Creator is through prayer and the study of His word.

je recherche site de rencontre gratuit     Every man can lead his family. If you’re a man reading this, you can lead your family. You were designed to do it. Maybe you have let your leadership slip. Perhaps you have allowed unholy conduct to permeate your marriage or the lives of your children. You need to know that it’s never too late to begin leading like God would have you do. The first move is to ask God to show you how to lead and the courage to do so. Then, in truth and love tell your family you are ready to lead them by serving. It will be hard, but it will be worth it in the end. The will of God is always worth the fight.

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Zac Stephens

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/1051 Zac is the owner/operator of Cottonport Tool and Design. He is passionate about craftsmanship and design. For more information please visit the about page!

Zac Stephens
Zac Stephens

opcje binarne da sie zarobic Zac is the owner/operator of Cottonport Tool and Design. He is passionate about craftsmanship and design. For more information please visit the about page!

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